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Central Texas land for sale

Own a piece of Texas history. Live your dream in Central Texas!

Browse our listings of Central Texas land for sale

Central Texas was the first part of the state to be settled and with good reason. Here you find some of the richest farm and ranch land we have to offer in an area that saw the beginnings of the Texas fight for independence.

No matter what type of real estate you are looking for, from small farms to large ranches, Central Texas is where the dreams of Texans have begun throughout time. It is here that Stephen F. Austin led the first Texas families into the rolling terrain between the Brazos and Colorado Rivers.

Properties in the Central Texas area contain fertile valleys, rolling hills, and level plateaus. These pieces of Texas history are crisscrossed by enough rivers to make any dream possible. The first farming was in this river bottomland, but the real wealth of the area came from the fruitful prairies in the north central part of the state.

We have many Central Texas properties for sale to accommodate your real estate desires. Choose from the diverse parts of this region, such as Milam County, just west of the pines of East Texas, with its level prairies and low undulating hills, or Burnet County, just north of Austin, with its verdant plateaus and rolling prairies.  Experience areas like Gonzales County, at the entrance to South Texas, with its rich history and plentiful cattle and livestock.

Acreage in Central Texas is good for hunting as well, due to the diversity of native plants, grasses, and trees. These farms and ranches boast all the variety of wildlife Texas has to offer in addition to the abundant deer lured by the flourishing rivers and streams.

Want property that is close to everything in the State of Texas? This area is a short drive (by Texas standards) to the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis on the north or to San Antonio on the south. The cities of Austin and Waco are surrounded by the farm and ranches we have to offer in this area.

Browse through our listings of Central Texas land for sale. But if you don’t find what you want, contact us. Let Ranch Investments represent you as a Buyer's Representative and assume the responsibility for searching and reviewing other properties that will meet your criteria. We will find the property that meets your needs. We have offices in Alice, Austin, Burnet, Hearne, Katy, Kerrville, Lampasas, Mineola (Wood County), Schulenburg.

There is also an online "Search Request" form that will help us understand what you are looking for. Once we know what your criteria is, we will make every effort to find the farm, ranch or recreational property that is right for you!

Texas farms and ranches for sale by Ranch Investments

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